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You See My Highlight Reel

We see it everyday- the picture perfect Instagram. All of the photos have the same filter, they all match perfectly, thousands of likes and followers on every pic. A big thing that I think we all forget while looking at accounts like this- this is a highlight reel. Behind every great insta, there’s always a normal person.

I say this personally and know that so many of my co- workers, fellow entrepreneurs and bloggers feel the same way.

My Instagram is the place where I market my personal brand, my company’s brand, and all of my adventures. Of course it’s going to look great! What you usually don’t see on my insta, me on the couch talking to potential business partners- surrounded by papers, books, my laptop, oh and a few cats. Some days I’m running on keto coffee, 3 hours of sleep, and I’ve used up all of my dry shampoo (we all know the struggle).

I’m not complaining, don’t get me wrong! I love everyday of being an entrepreneur. Most days it is a lot of work, it’s a lot of hours into making my dream a reality. When you have a drive for something it’s easy to get the hunger to make it happen.

With every great adventure, picture, and story, know that there is hard work behind that. There are days that I never leave the office or my house. Even the days that I am ready for a pic, there’s always bloopers behind that perfect shot!

IMG_7878I just want you to know- you can’t compare your everyday life to someone’s highlight reel. You can’t compare your day one chapter one, page one- to someone else’s middle or end.

I hope this gives you the motivation to start something new, or to continue working on your dream.

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